Tyrolean Evenings in Innsbruck
with the Gundolf Family
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Teenager from Fukushima were guests at the Tyrolean Evening of the Gundolf Family

All of us still have the pictures of the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear catastrophe from Fukushima before our eyes.

To make a group of teenagers from Fukushima forget the traumatic happings in their home country, Rotary International invited them to Austria.

A highlight of the journey was the Tyrolean Evening of the Gundolf Family at the restaurant Gasthaus Sandwirt am Inn on August, 7th where a part of the Japanese group could get to know Tyrolean culture. With typical Tyrolan folk music and dances, shoe slapping and yodel songs the concerns of the girls and boys took a back seat for a while.

Also if we originate from different culture groups and speak a different language – this evening has confirmed once again: music and hospitality conncet people and become a gleam of hope in any difficult situation.