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Tyrolean Evenings in Innsbruck
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About us

Family Chronology:

The chronology below shows that the Gundolf Family is looking back on a long tradition of music. It is this tradition we feel deeply committed to and we do only present original and authentic Tyrolean music and dances to our audience during the Tyrolean Evenings that we have been performing for more than 40 years. The quality and authenticity of our programme has also been recognized by experts on Austrian folk music in various occasions.


The mountain farmer and passionate musician Franz Gundolf founded the first village brass band in Häselgehr in the Lech Valley/Tyrol.


His grandson, Franz Paulo Gundolf was born. He was supposed to inherit the farm but decided rather to be a teacher. Having built his own zither, Franz financed his studies by teaching music and in the evenings he sang and played in the guesthouse “Breinössl” in Innsbruck. After completing his studies he worked in Seefeld in Tyrol where he was also the church organist.


Franz Paulo’s son Kurt was born. Franz and his wife Rudolfine had 8 children, all of whom could play numerous instruments and not only cultivated music at home but also at shows and festivals. Kurt took up a career as a bell founder where his fine musical ear was of great help in tuning bells. For 25 years Kurt was also soloist on the Flügelhorn with the Innsbruck city brass band “Wiltener Stadtkapelle”.


Kurt and his brothers Otto, Erich and Oskar formed the Gundolf band, with which they performed throughout most of Europe.


Kurt's sons Franz, Konrad and Ernst formed the present „Alpenbühne Geschwister Gundolf“. Together with father Kurt and the sisters Fini and Edith they performed as a family ensemble in the historical “Stifstsaal” in Innsbruck. With increasing success the group grew in size including first class singers, musicians and dancers performing at numerous locations in the city.

from 1971

Invitations to perform abroad took the Gundolf Family as Tyrolean musicians all over the world. Tours through Germany, Switzerland, Italy France, Holland, Sweden and Denmark where followed by overseas trips to:

  • South Africa: Johannisburg, Kapstadt, Pretoria, Stellenbosch, Kimberly
  • USA: New York, Los Angeles, Alamedo, Rochester
  • Canada: Toronto, Kitchener
  • USSR: Moskau, St. Petersburg, Wolgograd
  • Egypt: Kairo
  • Japan: Tokyo, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Nagano
  • Korea: Seoul

Besides these tours the Gundolf Family has appeared in various occasions on some of the most important radio and TV stations in many countries, one of the reasons why a lot of people do consider the family as the musical ambassadors of the city of Innsbruck and the Tyrol across the world.


The institute of traditional folk music in Innsbruck does confirm the authenticity of the Tyrolean Evenings performed by the Gundolf Family and rated the programme as being “culturally valuable”.


Construction of the new venue „Sandwirt am Inn“ in Innsbruck by Franz and Jonna Gundolf


The Gundolf Family celebrates 30 years of existence of their family ensemble.


The Gundolf Family celebrates 40 years of existence of their family ensemble. As a representative for the whole family, Ernst Gundolf is awarded with the golden medal for special merits by the tourist board of the city of Innsbruck.


Die Tiroler Alpenbühne Geschwister Gundolf feiert 2017 ihr 50-jähriges Bestandsjubiläum